Seasonal Sensations – A Spring in our Step

As we near the middle of June and the beginning of summer, we reflect on the spectacle nature has put on for us around the Milne Graden Estate this spring. We have witnessed the landscape around us awaken from hibernation and burst into life as the spring months have gently rolled by.

Braving the colder days, the snowdrops were the first to pop their heads above ground, providing a sign that spring was on its way. A welcome sight after the long, cold winter months and giving us hope for the warm spring days to come. Our fascination with these delicate beauties when they appear above the ground, still glistening with frost, and the air has a biting winter wind.

Come late March, the air around the estate is filled with the powerful scent of the wild garlic which grows in abundance on the woodland floor and riverbank. Emerging quickly and en masse, the grounds of the estate are soon filled with vibrant leafy green plants with gorgeous white flowers. The wild garlic offers us the chance to experiment with nature’s bounty in the kitchen, one of our favourite wild garlic recipes is Wild Garlic and Asparagus Risotto.

Wild graden at Milne Graden

Next, the daffodils give a carpet of bright colour to the forest floor, a welcome change from the auburn leaves that have fallen from the trees during the autumn and winter months. One by one the daffodils bloom forming a glorious sea of yellow across the estate. Clusters of the delightful flowers give a spectacular entrance to Garden House and Park End, creating the most wonderful welcome for our guests.

Daffodils at Milne Graden

As the days warmed, the smell of cherry blossom filled the air around the cottages. The bright white and pink flowers shimmered in the sun as they briefly bloomed before falling like confetti a couple of weeks later. The most show-stopping cherry tree of all at Milne Graden is in the centre of Sunnyside, perfectly placed for four of our holiday cottages to enjoy its beauty.

As the daffodils and cherry blossoms pass, the bluebells take their place in droves. Lining the drive leading into the estate shows the most breath-taking spectacle of delicate flowers. As if overnight the forest floor was transformed into a fairy tale display of violets and pinks, perfectly contrasting the fresh spring greens.

The once barren branches on the trees gradually formed buds and unfurled to form a lime green canopy, offering shade from the warm spring sun to the abundance of bluebells below. The sunlight danced across the forest floor as the trees swayed in the spring breeze.

As summer approaches, the estate and river are a hive of activity and new life. The fishermen and fisherwomen on the Milne Graden beat cast their lines with the hope of catching a fresh spring salmon. We hope our guests enjoy exploring every nook of the estate during their stay. Whether you are an early bird or prefer late evening strolls, we can guarantee that you will discover delightful pockets of natural wonder around each corner.