Milne Graden Cottages – Artist Focus

Bringing the outside in

Nature has always been the starting point for the interior schemes of our holiday cottages. With this in mind, we’re celebrating our of love of art by featuring three of our favourite British artists, who each bring their own unique take on nature to the walls of our cottages.

Andrew Davidson illustrator

Many of our regular guests will have noted, we have long been fans of artist and illustrator Andrew Davidson’s beautifully detailed woodcuts. Over the years Andrew’s work has become integral part of the Milne Graden aesthetic. His sensitive depictions of our resident wildlife in their natural habitats, encapsulate the seasons across the estate perfectly.


Andrew’s collection of fabrics for Lewis & Wood gave us the perfect opportunity to weave his work into our cottages. Deer Park seemed like an ideal fit for pretty Park End, a gate lodge for two, nestled on the fringes of the Milne Graden woodland. The rouge colourway, brings out the cottage’s warmth and adds touch of romance, harmonising with Angie Lewin’s Ramsoms and Campion print.

Royal Oak, takes the lead on the feature headboard in charming North Lodge. The fabric depicts a wonderfully whimsical scene of a day spent by the river, surrounded by leafy trees and, of course, accompanied by a dog. This is just an ideal fit for Milne Graden and the Spring colours compliment the earthy palette of the cottage interior perfectly.

Angie Lewin artist

In both Park End and North Lodge, we have paired Andrew’s fabric designs with work from eminent artist and printmaker Angie Lewin. Angie’s prints provide the starting points and anchors for these cottage interiors. The atmospheric Salt Marsh Storm II, sets the tone in North Lodge. Fluid lines and atmospheric hues are reminiscent of the river Tweed, bringing flinty greys, cool blues and soft greens to this cosy cottage.

In Park End, Angie’s Ramsoms and Campion artwork brings to life the carpet of wild garlic found throughout the Milne Graden woodland and riverbank. This piece also nods to the myriad of wildflowers that punctuate the grasses around the cottage.

Milne-Graden-Holiday-Cottages-North-Lodge-looking in-lounge-door-across-to -Angie-Lewin-print
Emma Lawrenson printmaker

Award-winning Yorkshire printmaker Emma Lawrenson brings a fresh modern take on botanical art to several of our cottages. In airy West Lodge, Emma’s minimal floral print brings together the scheme of relaxing neutrals. In newly refreshed Swan’s Nest her delicate series of buds nods to the array of Spring bulbs that pop up around the cottages.

The recent revamp at Garden House, allowed us to bring a larger collection of Emma’s work together. Throughout the cottage, Emma’s organic contemporary abstracts echo the outside, from river pebbles to Spring blooms. The pleasing geometry and earthy tones in the larger scale pieces, such as Split Seeds II, perfectly reflect Garden House’s proximity to the river and the wildflowers found on its banks. While the flowing lines in aptly titled In the Garden, serves as the ideal focal point in the kitchen of this former Head Gardener’s residence.


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